Worldview Radio: Israelis Told To Prepare For Massive War and Months of No Electricity


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In a recent episode of "Brannon Howse Live" on Patriot TV, Brannon Howse engaged in a thought-provoking conversation with Colonel John Mills, delving into a series of critical events and issues currently shaping the global and national landscape. The discussion commenced with an analysis of a significant Israeli military action in Damascus, targeting Iranian officials and resulting in the death of several Iranian generals. This strategic strike was a response to an Iranian-backed drone attack on an Israeli naval base, highlighting the ongoing tensions and complex dynamics in the Middle East.

The conversation then shifted to a dire warning from a Belgian doctor who predicts a "massive tsunami of illness and death" among the vaccinated population, potentially coinciding with fall elections. This forecast raises concerns about the readiness of healthcare systems to handle such a crisis and the broader financial implications. The host also touched upon the evolving stance of the medical-industrial complex towards ivermectin, suggesting a forthcoming shift in its application.

Brannon Howse further explored the escalating border crisis under the Biden administration, emphasizing the continued influx of illegal immigrants and military-age males into the United States. The discussion underscored the challenges posed by these policies and their potential impact on national security and societal stability.

Additionally, the episode provided insights into the economic ramifications of the collapse of the Francis Scott Key Bridge in Baltimore, emphasizing the potential for significant job losses and disruptions to the Port of Baltimore's operations. Colonel Mills highlighted the strategic importance of U.S. military ships potentially trapped behind the collapsed bridge and the implications for national readiness and transportation capabilities.

Throughout the episode, Brannon and Colonel Mills offered a comprehensive overview of current geopolitical, health, and immigration challenges, emphasizing the importance of informed engagement and strategic planning in addressing these complex issues. The conversation underscored the urgency of safeguarding national interests and the well-being of citizens in the face of unfolding crises and geopolitical tensions.