Worldview Radio: The Dangers Of A Republican Trojan Horse Pushing For A Constitutional Convention Under Another Name In Biden Builds A Terrorist Port For Hamas


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In a recent episode of Worldview Weekend Radio, hosted by Brandon Howse, the conversation ventured into several crucial topics, including the proposed constitutional convention (con con), media bias, and threats within the conservative camp. Brannon initiated the discussion by highlighting the significant influence of worldview on our perceptions of government, economy, education, work, and responsibility. The show raised concerns about the push for a constitutional convention, which has been a subject of debate for years. Brannon and his guest, Tamara Scott, expressed skepticism about renaming the convention as an "Article V Convention" to avoid the negative connotations associated with the term "con con." They suggested that this rebranding might be a strategy to deceive the public and garner support for the initiative.

The episode also delved into the potential dangers of a constitutional convention, arguing that it could lead to unintended consequences and possibly undermine the Constitution itself. The discussion emphasized the importance of vigilance against attempts to alter foundational legal documents under the guise of reform. Furthermore, the conversation touched on the challenge of internal threats within the conservative movement, including the infiltration by globalists and the influence of money on political stances. Brannon and Scott warned against giving blanket loyalty to any individual or movement within the conservative camp, advocating for a critical examination of actions and motivations.

Additionally, the program addressed the issue of media bias and its impact on political discourse. Brannon criticized certain media outlets for their reluctance to accommodate conservative viewpoints, suggesting that this behavior reflects a broader agenda to control the narrative and align closely with Democratic policies.

Overall, the episode provided a comprehensive analysis of current political dynamics, highlighting the complexities of governance, media influence, and the ongoing debate over a constitutional convention. Through informed debate and expert commentary, the show underscored the need for critical engagement and vigilance in navigating the challenges facing the conservative movement and the nation at large.