Why All The Hype By Big Media About April 8th Solar Eclipse and Commercial Real Estate Drop as Much as 70 Percent in Value as Defaults Puts Banks at Risk


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In a recent episode of "Brannon Howse Live" on Patriot TV,  Brandon Howse delved into pressing economic issues with Rebecca Walser of Walser Wealth Management. The discussion focused on the alarming national debt, with prominent figures like Larry Fink, Jamie Dimon, and Jerome Powell sounding the alarm over its unsustainability. Despite these warnings, questions arose about why these financial leaders are speaking out now, especially considering their past silence on the debt accumulation facilitated by modern monetary theory.

The conversation highlighted the recent exponential increase in the money supply and its role in fueling inflation, which acts as a hidden tax on the population, eroding wealth through what John Maynard Keynes described as a method of implementing socialism by stealth.

The dialogue shifted to the looming economic collapse anticipated in 2024, with the national debt reaching a critical point where $1 trillion is added every 100 days, and interest payments alone have ballooned to $1.6 trillion for the year. This unsustainable trajectory has led financial insiders to publicly acknowledge the dire situation, possibly as a way to distance themselves from the impending fallout after benefiting from the system for years.

Furthermore, the discussion covered the commercial real estate crisis exacerbated by changes in workplace dynamics post-pandemic, leading to a glut of office space and potential financial instability for banks as buildings lose value and are returned to lenders. This scenario adds to the financial strain, with significant portions of commercial real estate needing refinancing in 2024 amidst an uncertain rate-cutting environment.

The episode of "Brannon Howse Live" also touched on the escalating prices of precious metals like gold and silver, seen as safe havens amid economic uncertainty. The conversation concluded with a cautionary note on the potential impact of a solar eclipse on April 8th, raising concerns about possible disruptions and urging listeners to prepare for various contingencies.

Through this episode, Brannon Howse provided a comprehensive analysis of current economic challenges, highlighting the importance of awareness and preparedness in the face of complex global and domestic financial issues.