Todd Bensman Uncovers Data Revealing Most of Biden's Migrant Flights Landing In Florida and Texas


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In a recent episode of Brannon Howse Live, Brannon Howse engaged in a detailed conversation with Todd Bensman, focusing on the significant issues of migrant flights into Florida, the responses from local governments, and broader implications on U.S. immigration policy.

The discussion opened with Florida's reaction to secretive migrant flights, with Governor Ron DeSantis and the Attorney General vowing to battle this program and make Florida an undesirable destination for those in the country illegally. This stance contrasts sharply with Denver, Colorado, where officials are asking migrants to leave the sanctuary state, highlighting a divide in how different states handle immigration issues.

Bensman's report sheds light on the extent of migrant flights into various states, with Florida being a primary destination. This revelation has prompted a demand for action from Governor DeSantis, with suggestions of convening a grand jury to address the unauthorized influx of migrants into the state. The discussion also covered the broader implications of these flights on states like Texas and the potential for these actions to influence the political landscape, possibly aiming to turn traditionally red states blue.

Moreover, the conversation delved into Mexico's efforts to manage the flow of migrants in exchange for financial aid from the U.S., touching on the complex dynamics of international negotiations and the role of diplomacy in immigration policy.

The episode offered a comprehensive analysis of the current immigration crisis, examining the challenges of managing border security, the legality and ethics of migrant flights, and the political ramifications of immigration policies. Through informed debate and expert insights, the show highlighted the urgent need for comprehensive solutions to address the complexities of immigration and border management.