There Is Only One Way to Stop the Gaslighting of Mainstream Media; Boycott and Bankrupt Them


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In a recent episode of his talk show on Patriot TV, Jason Lewis tackled a plethora of issues, ranging from political commentary and media bias to healthcare and immigration, with a distinctive focus on how these issues are shaping America's current landscape.

Lewis kicked off the episode by contrasting the actions of President Biden, former President Obama, and former President Clinton, who were preparing for a significant fundraiser in New York, with former President Donald Trump attending the wake of a fallen NYPD officer, Jonathan Diller, in the same city. This stark contrast set the tone for a discussion on the priorities of political leaders and their implications for the country.

The conversation then veered into the realm of environmental policies and their impact, with Lewis critiquing the Biden administration's efforts to phase out gas-powered cars in favor of electric vehicles. This led to broader discussions on the administration's handling of various issues, from immigration to economic policies, and the perceived advantages these stances afford the Democrats in the political arena.

A significant portion of the episode was dedicated to dissecting media bias, particularly focusing on NBC's decision to part ways with Ronna McDaniel shortly after hiring her, due to internal backlash. Lewis likened the mainstream media's role to that of a state-run propaganda outlet, drawing parallels to historical dictatorships and emphasizing the existential crisis posed by the media's departure from impartial reporting.

Moreover, Lewis explored the legal and ethical quandaries surrounding the FBI's entrapment practices, especially targeting individuals with mental health challenges or those considered vulnerable. This part of the discussion underscored the complex interplay between law enforcement methodologies and individual rights, highlighting the need for greater oversight and ethical considerations in these operations.

The episode also delved into the Democrats' healthcare strategy, specifically focusing on Obamacare and Medicaid expansion. Lewis critiqued the unsustainable nature of these programs and their contribution to the national debt, suggesting alternative approaches that Republicans could adopt to counteract the Democrats' healthcare narrative without compromising fiscal responsibility.

Throughout the episode, Lewis provided a critical examination of current events, political strategies, and media practices, urging viewers to seek truth beyond the narratives propagated by mainstream outlets. Through informed debate and analysis, the show aimed to foster a deeper understanding of the challenges facing America and the importance of engaged and informed citizenship in navigating these issues.