RINO Plot To Turn House Over To Dems Who Will Bar Trump From Running | The StoneZONE!


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In a riveting episode of "The Stone Zone," hosted by Roger Stone, a deep dive into a complex political scenario unfolded, revealing a purported scheme aimed at altering the balance of power in the House of Representatives. The episode brought to light concerns over the possibility of Republicans losing their slim majority in the House, potentially leading to legislative actions that could restrict former President Donald Trump's eligibility for future ballots.

The crux of the discussion centered around the intricate dynamics of House seat allocations and the implications of upcoming vacancies and special elections. With a detailed analysis of current seat distributions, the conversation highlighted the precarious position in which the Republican majority finds itself. Concerns were raised about the strategic timing of certain resignations, specifically that of Congressman Mike Gallagher, which could result in a vacancy not promptly filled, thereby weakening the Republican hold on the House.

Further intrigue was added by the involvement of Paul Singer, a billionaire hedge fund manager, who was implicated in allegedly funding the campaigns of Republicans inclined towards early resignation. The narrative suggested a coordinated effort to subtly shift control to the Democrats, who could then potentially pass a resolution, hinted to be orchestrated by Congressman Jamie Raskin, aimed at barring Trump from future elections based on allegations of insurrection.

The episode also delved into broader issues of election integrity, advocating for a transition to paper ballots to ensure transparency and trust in the electoral process. The discussion underscored the vulnerabilities of electronic voting systems and the potential for manipulation, emphasizing the need for reforms to safeguard democracy.

"The Stone Zone" effectively melded political analysis with urgent calls for election reform, presenting a scenario where the interplay of resignations, funding, and legislative maneuvers could have profound implications for the political landscape. It highlighted the complexities of maintaining a majority in the House and the potential for strategic political maneuvering to influence key legislative outcomes, including the eligibility of candidates for presidential elections.

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