Maine Department of Education Reports One-Third of Students Identify as LGBTQ+


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In a recent episode of "The Sam Sorbo Show" on Patriot TV, Sam Sorbo engaged in a detailed conversation with Sean McBrearty, an educational freedom advocate from Maine. The episode delved into the challenges and issues plaguing the U.S. education system, with a particular focus on government schools and the push for homeschooling as an alternative.

McBrearty shared his journey into becoming an advocate for educational freedom, spurred by a letter from his children's school superintendent that labeled the community as white supremacists. This incident led him to scrutinize the educational content and practices within schools, uncovering the widespread implementation of critical race theory starting from kindergarten. McBrearty's investigations revealed the schools' engagement with organizations promoting radical agendas, including the abolition of capitalism in favor of socialism and anarchism.

The discussion also touched on the legal battles McBrearty faced in his advocacy work, including being prohibited from attending his daughters' high school graduation and having to sue a school district for First Amendment violations. Moreover, McBrearty highlighted the increasing sexualization of minors within the educational system, illustrating the depth of the problem with examples of inappropriate content being taught to children.

Sorbo emphasized the importance of parents taking responsibility for their children's education, advocating for homeschooling as a means to protect them from the indoctrination and harmful content prevalent in public schools. The episode underscored the urgency of addressing the systemic issues within the education system and the need for parents to actively engage in safeguarding their children's learning environments.

Through their conversation, Sorbo and McBrearty aimed to raise awareness about the state of the American education system and encourage parents to consider homeschooling as a viable and preferable option. The episode served as a call to action for parents to reassess the educational choices for their children and to take a stand against the degradation of educational standards and values.

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