Judge Releases Illegals Who Stormed Texas Guard


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In a recent episode of "Jason Lewis Live" on Patriot TV, Jason Lewis delved into several pressing topics affecting the United States, from election integrity and abortion laws to immigration policy and the implications of foreign conflicts on American politics.

The episode kicked off with a reflection on election integrity, touching upon the significance of the issue and the plans to engage with election ballot integrity experts to dissect the challenges faced in previous elections. Lewis expressed his concern over the influence of money in politics, particularly its role in shaping policy and political outcomes.

A significant part of the discussion was dedicated to the abortion debate, particularly in light of a monumental ruling in Florida that upheld a heartbeat bill as the law of the state. Lewis criticized the pro-abortion stance as extreme, arguing that the sanctity of life should prevail and critiquing the influence of pro-abortion funding in politics.

Lewis also tackled the border crisis, emphasizing the detrimental impact of illegal immigration on American society, culture, and economy. He pointed to the failure of political leadership to address the issue adequately, highlighting the influence of corporate and political action committee donations on policy decisions.

Furthermore, Lewis explored the dangers posed by bioweapons and the potential for a significant conflict arising from geopolitical tensions. He raised concerns about the existence of bio labs in Ukraine and the broader implications of such activities for global security.

Throughout the episode, Lewis underscored the recurring theme of the corrupting influence of money in politics, whether in the context of abortion, immigration, or foreign policy. He called for a reevaluation of political funding practices and a return to principled governance that prioritizes the well-being and security of American citizens.

"Jason Lewis Live" offered a critical examination of current events and political dynamics, urging viewers to consider the underlying issues and the need for active engagement in addressing the challenges facing the nation.

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