How To Win The New Cold War With Dan Negrea


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In a recent episode of "Making Sense of the Madness," Dan Negrea the Great, co-author of "We Win They Lose: Republican Foreign Policy and the New Cold War," joined the conversation to discuss the complexities of global politics, U.S. foreign policy, and the challenges posed by authoritarian regimes around the world. The discussion covered a broad spectrum of issues, highlighting the perceived failures of the current administration's policies and the need for a strategic approach to national security that prioritizes the interests of the American people.

The conversation delved into concerns about China's rising power, the strategic missteps of the Biden administration, particularly in relation to China and the broader international arena, and the potential ramifications of these policies on global stability and U.S. national security. The episode also touched upon domestic issues, such as immigration and economic policies, underscoring the interconnectedness of domestic and foreign policy in shaping the nation's future.

Through a detailed analysis and reflection on past successes and failures in U.S. foreign policy, the guest advocated for a return to principles that prioritize freedom, security, and prosperity for the American people. He emphasized the importance of leadership that understands and effectively responds to the challenges posed by authoritarian adversaries to ensure peace and stability, both domestically and globally.

"Making Sense of the Madness" provided a platform for a thought-provoking discussion on the critical issues facing the United States today, offering insights into the complexities of global politics and the importance of principled, strategic leadership in navigating the challenges of the new Cold War. The episode concluded with a note of optimism, suggesting that despite the current challenges, the United States has the potential to overcome adversity and emerge victorious, as it has done in the past, by adhering to the foundational principles of freedom, security, and prosperity.