Exclusive Interview: General Michael Flynn on Why Baltimore Bridge Collapse is a BLACK SWAN Event and The Real Risk of Nuclear War with Russia


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In a significant broadcast featuring General Michael Flynn and Colonel Rob Maness, the conversation tackled a plethora of pressing issues facing the United States and the broader international community. The episode commenced with a reflection on the deep political insights of a respected figure and transitioned into a serious discussion about a catastrophic incident in Baltimore, Maryland, where a cargo ship collided with the Francis Scott Key Bridge, causing substantial damage.

General Flynn introduced the concept of a "black swan event," highlighting the collision as an unforeseeable and rare occurrence with potentially far-reaching implications. The discussion emphasized the rigorous standards and procedures that typically govern US ports, harbors, and bays to prevent such incidents, suggesting that the collision's occurrence pointed to an extraordinary lapse or an unexpected factor.

The episode also delved into geopolitical tensions, particularly focusing on a chilling warning from Scott Ritter regarding the imminent risk of nuclear war. A document signed by several veterans and intelligence professionals, including Ritter and Colonel MacGregor, was discussed, underscoring the grave concerns these experts have about escalating conflicts and the potential for nuclear engagement between major world powers.

As the conversation unfolded, various theories regarding the cause of the Baltimore incident were explored, including the possibility of a cyberattack. The complexities of the situation were unpacked, highlighting the myriad of systems and fail-safe mechanisms that failed simultaneously, leading to the ship's collision.

Furthermore, the broadcast touched on broader geopolitical dynamics, such as the mobilization of French troops and the implications of NATO's involvement in Ukraine. The discussion painted a grim picture of the potential for escalation into full-scale warfare, raising alarms about the consequences of continued military entanglement and the specter of nuclear conflict.

The episode concluded with a look forward to a series of events promoting a film project spearheaded by General Flynn, aimed at disseminating his message and engaging with the American public on critical issues facing the nation.

In summary, the episode offered a profound analysis of current events, highlighting the intricate interplay between domestic incidents, international tensions, and the looming threat of nuclear warfare. Through informed debate and the sharing of expert insights, the broadcast underscored the urgency of addressing these challenges with wisdom, caution, and a commitment to peace.