The Communist Party – Leaving the Winning Side for the Losing Side


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In a recent episode of "The Sam Sorbo Show" on Patriot TV, the conversation opened with a strong emphasis on rethinking education and the power of parents in guiding their children's learning journeys. Highlighting conservatism's roots in freedom and anti-slavery principles, the episode urged pastors to advocate for home education and parents to embrace their influential role in their children's lives.

The show featured discussions on a variety of topics, including the importance of good literature, with a particular focus on Whittaker Chambers' "Witness," a compelling narrative on the dangers of communism and its infiltration into American society. This segment underscored the ongoing relevance of historical lessons in understanding current societal challenges.

Sam Sorbo also engaged in a deep dive into the topics of sexual purity and biblical worldview with her guest, Catherine Gallagher. Gallagher, an author and public speaker, shared insights from her books, "The Best Sex You Never Had" and a handbook for biblical thinking and lifestyle. The conversation explored the positive principles of abstinence before marriage and the importance of aligning one's worldview with biblical truths to navigate the complexities of modern life effectively.

Furthermore, the episode touched on the detrimental effects of the culture of free sex on marriage and family structure. It highlighted the need for instilling values and making informed choices that prioritize long-term happiness and societal well-being over short-term gains.

Throughout the episode, "The Sam Sorbo Show" offered a platform for thoughtful analysis and discussion on critical issues facing society today. By combining personal anecdotes, expert insights, and a commitment to upholding traditional values, the show aimed to inspire viewers to actively engage in shaping a future that reflects foundational principles and moral integrity.

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