Col. Mills on Israel Killing Iranian General in Syria and The Growing Consequences of The Baltimore Bridge Collapse


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In a detailed episode of Brannon Howse live on Patriot TV, the host engaged in a comprehensive discussion with Colonel John Mills, touching on a range of pressing topics from geopolitical tensions in the Middle East to healthcare predictions and domestic challenges facing the United States.

The episode kicked off from Studio B, with the host highlighting its significance and sharing plans for a packed show. The conversation began with an exploration of a recent Israeli military operation in Damascus, which targeted and eliminated several Iranian generals. This act of escalation was analyzed in the context of a retaliatory measure following a drone attack launched by an Iranian-backed group from Iraq. The detailed discussion underscored the strategic dynamics of the region and the implications of such military actions on Israel's security posture.

The show also delved into alarming predictions made by a doctor from Belgium regarding a looming health crisis, expected to result in a "massive tsunami of illness and death," particularly among the vaccinated population. This prediction was tied to the potential impacts on the healthcare system and was discussed alongside the controversial stance on ivermectin within the medical community.

Further, the episode covered the ongoing border crisis, highlighting the Biden administration's policies that contributed to the situation. The discussion pointed out the influx of illegal immigrants and the challenges posed by the administration's approach to immigration and border security.

Colonel Mills shared insights from his visit to the Patriot TV studios and his travels in Arizona, where he observed border chaos first-hand Arizona border. He emphasized the critical nature of the situation as the mayor of Tucson announced plans to release a significant number of untrained foreign nationals onto the streets, highlighting the potential for a humanitarian crisis.

Additionally, the episode touched on the impact of the collapse of the Francis Scott Key Bridge on the Port of Baltimore, noting the strategic and economic implications of such an infrastructure failure. The discussion extended to concerns over the U.S. Ready Reserve Fleet's readiness, given the potential entrapment of several military transport ships due to the bridge collapse.

Throughout the episode, Brannon and Col.John Mills provided a nuanced analysis of current events, military strategy, and domestic policies, offering insights into the complex challenges facing the United States and its implications for national security, healthcare, and immigration policy.