Can We Hold a FAIR. HONEST. TRANSPARENT ELECTION in 2024? w/ Election Integrity Expert Kris Jurski


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In a recent episode of "The Stone Zone" hosted by Roger Stone, the show delved into various critical issues, with a focus on election integrity and the ongoing challenges in ensuring transparent and fair electoral processes in the United States.

Stone, a seasoned political strategist and pundit, alongside his co-host Troy Smith from Slingshot News, welcomed Chris Gursky, an entrepreneur and election integrity advocate. Gursky's work through The People's Audit aims to address anomalies in voter rolls across several states, including Florida, Texas, and North Carolina. He shared insights into the extensive process of monitoring millions of voters for discrepancies and the significant findings of bad addresses that could potentially lead to voter fraud.

The conversation highlighted the resistance encountered by election officials and the legislative hurdles that have made transparency and accountability more challenging. The episode underscored the critical role of grassroots mobilization and the importance of accurate voter rolls in safeguarding the integrity of elections.

Additionally, the show touched on broader political and social issues, from the influence of private funding in elections to the concerns over governmental accountability and transparency. The episode painted a picture of the intricate landscape of American politics, where election integrity, civic engagement, and the pursuit of transparent governance remain paramount.

Through informed debate and expert insights, "The Stone Zone" provided a platform for a comprehensive analysis of the pressing issues facing the American electoral system, emphasizing the need for continued vigilance and active participation in ensuring the integrity and fairness of future elections.

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