Andrew Giuliani and Roger Stone Celebrate Trump’s Epic Legal Victory as NYC Crumbles — The StoneZONE


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In a recent episode of "The Stone Zone," hosted by Roger Stone, a series of discussions unfolded, covering a wide array of current events and political scenarios, alongside deep dives into legal battles involving high-profile figures.

The episode commenced with Roger Stone introducing himself and briefly touching upon his illustrious political career, friendships, and his stance as a libertarian. A significant portion of the show was dedicated to discussing the legal predicaments faced by former President Donald Trump, particularly focusing on the reduction of his bond from $450 million to a more manageable $175 million by the appellate court in New York State, a move that allowed Trump to appeal against an unfavorable verdict.

The conversation shifted to include insights from Andrew Giuliani, son of Rudy Giuliani and a former assistant to President Trump. Andrew Giuliani critiqued Letitia James, the New York Attorney General, accusing her of targeting Donald Trump as part of a political vendetta. He elaborated on the chilling effect her actions might have on business investments in New York, given her aggressive stance against Trump and his associates. Giuliani also touched upon his considerations regarding the future of his family in New York, given the current political climate.

The discussion also navigated the potential impacts of current legal and political challenges on Donald Trump’s financial standing and his ability to participate in future elections. Giuliani highlighted the significance of jury selection in Manhattan for Trump's defense, given the political leanings of the potential jurors.

Roger Stone and his guests also explored broader political topics, including the potential for a constitutional convention, media bias, and internal threats within the conservative movement. The episode underscored the complexity of navigating political affiliations, the impact of financial contributions on political dynamics, and the ongoing legal battles that continue to shape the political landscape.

Overall, the episode provided a rich tapestry of political analysis, legal insights, and personal reflections, offering listeners a comprehensive overview of the current state of American politics and the legal challenges faced by some of its most notable figures.