Pearl Harbor 2.0: Russia-China are Preparing for War with U.S., But What is U.S. Preparing For?

They are preparing for war.

Brannon Howse warned his audience in a broadcast in 2021, when it was less obvious than it is today. As a conservative radio/TV journalist, perhaps his warnings were seen at the time as a bit on the fringe.

Now, years later, few are doubting the trajectory of geo-political developments with China seemingly in the catbird's seat as the U.S. and other Western nations struggle with endless waves of a virus that came from China and cheap imports that U.S. consumers became addicted to remain stacked up in ports, unable to reach their retail destinations.

Biden and his handlers talk of a Dark Winter that could bring worsening shortages and a bleak Christmas, all while inflation rages. And with nearly two-thirds of American families living paycheck to paycheck, the question becomes this: Are we as a nation prepared for what lies ahead?

It has all the makings of a scenario favorable to a militaristic regime that admitted years ago it intended to use the U.S. to build its economy and military strength. At some point, the goal was to make the U.S. dependent on China, not the other way around. That point may be now. And if it has arrived, it begs the question of whether a burgeoning U.S.-China cold war could soon run hot.

"China is preparing for war," Howse said in an 2021, Oct. 21 broadcast in which he revisited his warnings from 2018, back when Trump was in the White House and few were thinking of such dire scenarios. "Our Pentagon knows it. I have the screenshots of the articles from the military publications that show this is true."

And China is not alone in its desire to take America down from its superpower status. Russia also has ambitions.

"I put this out more than two years ago," Howse said. "I have the proof China-Russia are preparing for war, and at one time, we were preparing to fight back."

But now, under the Biden regime, Howse said, things are different.

"We are preparing to surrender. And we are preparing now to surrender the American people, and our military, and law enforcement, and our just-in-time inventory, and our food supply, and critical infrastructure," he said.

"We are preparing to surrender everything to them, which will make it very easy when they decide to go hot."

As Howse pointed out: "We are already in a world war. When you're hacking into a nation's power grid, that is an act of war. But right now it is not a hot World War III. They're trying everything under a new type of warfare."

Howse reminded his listeners of two Chinese military colonels' writings about "unrestricted warfare."

"That was in 1999, written by two Chinese communist colonels. Unrestricted, meaning 'There is nothing we won't do. We'll starve you guys out. We'll disrupt your food supply. We'll do whatever we have to do. We'll release a bioweapon.' It's unrestricted warfare. They don't follow any rules."

But the real game changer is the man in the White House.

"And now we have a person in the White House who is on their team, I totally believe it. Don't you?" Howse asked his audience, before replaying his presentation titled Pearl Harbor 2.0: Are Russia and China preparing for war with the United States?

The segment delved into the so-called Club K cargo container system in which missile silos can be loaded on the back of what appears to be a commercial truck or rail car.  With the push of a button, up pops four silos that can fire cruise missiles, which can be outfitted with nuclear, chemical or biological weapons.

Howse read from a white paper on the system by the Center for Security Policy which states:

"Translations from a Russian defense journal and from a secret Iranian handbook suggested that Russia and Iran have developed a Pearl Harbor 2.0 plan to sink the entire U.S. Navy fleet as part of a coordinated asymmetrical attack against the United States and U.S. military bases around the world. The plan is to launch Russian-caliber cruise missiles from submarines, freighter ships and Trojan horse Club K container missile systems, inter-model cargo containers that can be smuggled into U.S. ports and moved into the U.S. interior aboard trains and semi-trucks."

In 2015 the Russian journal National Defense outlined a plan to "hit them in their ports" with caliber cruise missiles that could sink U.S. Navy fleets docked in ports across the United States, Europe and the Middle East.

"And have these Club K missile systems been put all over the U.S. already?" Howse asked in the more than two-year-old segment. "In fact some of our national enemies, some of the nation states that hate us, have bragged that they are 'near and close to us' and could strike."

"One way to get them here would be to have them enter through out ports," he added. "Well, what if we turned our ports over to a family that was connected to Saddam Hussein and the Russians?"

Howse cited research from two journalists and their 2017 research regarding a Dr. Hamid Jafar, who was Saddam Hussein's nuclear scientist and now has access to Florida's Port Canaveral cargo container terminal with a 35-year lease; a deal that was pushed through during the Obama-Biden administration. Jafar and his family own Gulftainer, a company that works in joint venture with a Russian state-owned exporter of the Club K cargo container system which can conceal and then launch up to four cruise missiles from a satellite-based command.

He described in a November 2017 TV broadcast with the late Phil Haney, a former Homeland Security officer, that Jafar reportedly created what is known as the beach ball, a miniaturized nuclear weapon. Jafar reportedly also sought help from North Korea on missile projects.

The Pentagon's U.S. Northern Command, also called Northcom, has admitted that the U.S. does not have the ability to track Club K missiles that may have already been imported inside the country.

Howse also shared from a declassified Naval Intelligence document that bolsters the case for Russia-China preparing for war against the U.S.

"When I recorded that, we had Trump in the White House," he said in his Oct. 21 revisiting of the earlier show. He closed with the following monologue:

"That was bad enough. That was bad news then, knowing that was going on. At least we thought we had the White House and the Pentagon to help fight this off. But it's worse news now because the White House and Pentagon have completely surrendered to our enemies, and now we're completely destroying our own military. We're injecting our own military with a bioweapon, I believe. We are purging our own military from American patriots. Strong, courageous American patriots are now being deemed domestic terrorists and being purged. Take everything I was saying then, and it was bad enough. Now take it and put it through the lens of Biden in the White House. And the morons in the military, and the purging of our military and the injection of our troops. This is very serious. And it gives me no joy to report this. But you tune in to understand what is going on and understand the times. These are very important topics."

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