Michael Yon on UN and U.S. Orchestrating Collapse of U.S. with Flood of Illegal Immigrants

In a recent interview with TV host Brannon Howse, independent journalist Michael Yon provided chilling insights into the ongoing crises at the United States-Mexico border, raising concerns about a coordinated invasion and a host of impending threats to American security. This discussion delved into a wide range of issues, from the border crisis and the expansion of migrant camps in Panama to the potential for terrorist attacks and the alarming rise of information warfare and racial tensions.

A Coordinated Invasion

Yon began the interview by discussing the alarming situation at the Panama border, where he revealed the massive expansion of the San Vicente Panama invasion camp. This camp, located just 300 meters from Yon's location, appears to be the result of a coordinated effort involving multiple governments and globalist organizations, including the United Nations, the United States, and the European Union.

The journalist pointed out that the U.S. government is seemingly facilitating the transportation of migrants to this camp, emphasizing the use of American funds. Yon also highlighted the presence of other, even larger camps in the region, such as Los Blancos, and mentioned reports of thousands of migrants streaming through the Darien Gap into the United States.

Paramilitary and the Threat of Terrorism

Yon drew attention to the paramilitary nature of some migrants, describing them as having a military-like demeanor. Host Brannon Howse also touched upon the growing concern of terrorist attacks on American soil, citing the influx of individuals from various nations, including China, Iran, and communist countries, as well as the movement of Chinese shock troops.

The journalist discussed a disturbing incident involving Chinese nationals drinking chicken blood, drawing parallels to special forces and cult practices. This unsettling event served as a stark reminder of the unconventional threats the United States may face.

Impending Crises and Global Famine

Yon warned of looming crises in the form of global famines and the collapse of critical infrastructure. He emphasized that while he excels at predicting general trajectories, timing is challenging to pinpoint accurately. Nonetheless, he expressed strong suspicions that at least a million migrants would pass through the Darien Gap in 2024, potentially leading to a dire situation at the U.S. border.

He argued that global famines are on the horizon due to various factors, including disruptions in food supply chains, hyperinflation, economic instability, and threats to food security. Yon urged viewers to educate themselves about famines and to prepare for potential food shortages.

Manufactured Crises and Information Warfare

The conversation turned towards the theory of a manufactured crisis designed to reshape America's demographics and control its population. Yon highlighted the increasing financial assistance given to illegal refugees in comparison to Social Security checks, contributing to hyperinflation and economic instability.

Yon also touched on the influence of globalist agendas, such as Agenda 2030, which seeks to erode national borders and promote globalism. He suggested that a potential solution to such a crisis could involve widespread chipping and registration of individuals to control the population.

Race War and Escalating Tensions

Yon discussed the potential for a race war, emphasizing the stark racial and cultural divisions being promoted in America today. He warned that these divisions could lead to devastating consequences as various groups are weaponized against each other. He encouraged unity and vigilance among Americans.

The Threat of Diseases

The interview concluded with a discussion on the increased risk of diseases spreading in America, particularly among migrants. Yon expressed concerns about tuberculosis outbreaks and the impact on the country's food supply. He mentioned the role of zoonotic diseases and urged viewers to stay informed about potential health threats.

Throughout the interview, Michael Yon provided a sobering analysis of the multifaceted challenges facing the United States, from border security and terrorism to economic instability and information warfare. His insights serve as a stark reminder of the complex and interconnected threats that demand the attention of policymakers and the public alike.