FBI Whistleblowers Warn: FBI Targeting MAGA and Could Carry Out False Flag to Set Up Trump Supporters

In a recent interview with TV host Brannon Howse, former FBI agents and whistleblowers Kyle Seraphine and Steve Friend shed light on disturbing practices within the FBI, revealing how the agency has been manipulating domestic terrorism data to target individuals based on their political beliefs. This revelation comes at a time when concerns about civil liberties and government overreach are mounting.

Predicting the Shift: From White Supremacy to Political Dissent

According to Seraphine, who went public with his story in September 2022, the FBI has been orchestrating a shift in their focus from white supremacy to a new category of individuals labeled as "anti-government, anti-authority, violent extremists." This transition has allowed the FBI to exploit ambiguous rhetoric and non-violent expressions of political dissent to bolster their domestic terrorism statistics. He emphasized that individuals are being targeted not for their violent actions but for their political beliefs, effectively blurring the line between free speech and criminal behavior.

Manufactured Threats and Entrapment: A Disturbing Pattern

Friend echoed Seraphine's concerns, citing instances where the FBI manipulated data to create an illusion of rising domestic terrorism threats. He highlighted the disturbing practice of entrapment, where vulnerable individuals are coerced into participating in criminal activities they might not have otherwise engaged in. Friend's account aligns with historical cases such as the infamous Ruby Ridge incident, where the FBI used similar tactics to push individuals into illegal activities.

Political Targeting and Suppression of Free Speech

One of the most alarming aspects of the whistleblowers' revelations is the blatant suppression of free speech. Friend pointed out that the FBI's definition of domestic terrorism now includes political beliefs and ideologies that are deemed "problematic." This broad categorization allows the agency to target Americans solely for their opinions, raising serious concerns about the erosion of constitutional rights.

Media Manipulation and Predictive Programming

The interview also highlighted the role of media in shaping public opinion. Howse presented evidence of a disturbing trend in media coverage, where headlines linking Trump supporters to terrorism have become increasingly common. The whistleblowers suggested that this media narrative, combined with the FBI's actions, might indicate a sinister agenda to create a false flag event, blaming it on political dissenters.

Conclusion: Upholding Civil Liberties in Challenging Times

Seraphine and Friend's revelations underscore the importance of upholding civil liberties and protecting freedom of speech, especially in the face of government overreach. Their accounts serve as a stark reminder of the need for transparency and accountability within law enforcement agencies. As the public becomes aware of these issues, the spotlight is now on policymakers and citizens alike to demand accountability and safeguard the fundamental rights that form the bedrock of a democratic society.


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